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 The two most important aspects to your home loan are to get competitive interest rates, and to get the most appropriate structure in place. Getting the most competitive interest rates requires an understanding of all lenders' specials and what is negotiable below the advertised special rates. Applying the most appropriate structure requires a strategic approach to lending. This is because it pertains to your finances, your plans and goals and allows for loan structure changes that reflect your situation.

"I have long thought that the mortgage is the greatest opportunity to get ahead financially. If there was one thing that you were ever to do financially it would be to manage the mortgage actively for the greatest gain" Martin Hawes (Sunday Star Times)

At Masters Home Loans we will work on your behalf, to get both competitive interest rates, cash  contributions where possible and a personalised structure in place so that you can reduce your home loan faster, without paying more towards it. We will work with you now and in the future to actively manage your mortgage. We only provide financial advice about products from certain lenders. I will help you choose a loan that is suitable for your purpose from a panel of lenders (see below). Once I have chosen a lender and loan terms that are suitable for you, I will help you to obtain an approval. I will also provide general financial advice on KiwiSaver and the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme. More specifically, the services we provide include: • Obtain loan offers and interest rates • Recommend an appropriate lender for a client’s needs • Provide advice on mortgage structure • Provide advice on repayment strategies • Assist with top-ups, restructures, and fixed rate roll overs • Other lending-related services as agreed to.

The types of financial advice products I can give advice on are: • Home Loans • Investment Property Loans • Construction Loans • Business and Commercial Loans • Car Loans • KiwiSaver