Don't just take our word, here's what our happy customers are saying...

“We do truly appreciate all the assistance and guidance Sasha and Vicki have given us, and all the work you did with setting up our mortgages. You have made the process so easy and simple (for us) without the stress of dealing with a bank. You are experts at what you do and we are very glad you were recommended to us. Thank you for your patience throughout the many delays in the building process. It was a long timeframe for the build completion, but the outcome has been well worth the wait. On top of that, the advice and guidance you have given us to reduce our mortgages as quickly as possible is invaluable. We intend to take all that information and advice and put it to good use. We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who may need your services in the future.”
Jonathan and Jenny Ogier

“We recently sold our home and purchased a new one under incredibly stressful circumstances. Our interactions with Vicki and Sasha from Masters Home Loans were the only aspect of this process that were not remotely stressful - we found them to be efficient and action-oriented with an excellent attention to detail. On top of that they were a pleasure to work with - always interested and supportive, but also going above and beyond our expectations. We are delighted to now have a debt reduction plan that will help us achieve our financial goals, without having to miss out on "life" along the way. Thank you Vicki and Sasha - we can't recommend you highly enough!”
Rebekah and Jamie Holmes

“The service and personal attention we have received from Sasha and Vicki has been exceptional and beyond what we were expecting! Their knowledge of the financial market and their commitment in finding us the best rate helped us in our search for our investment properties and our home. As new investors/home buyers everything was new to us and the most important thing we wanted was someone we could trust that would keep our best interest in mind. I'm glad we chose their services and would recommend Masters Home loans to anyone buying a property or refinancing.”
Shameel and Minakshi Ali

“We decided to choose Masters Home Loans as our mortgage adviser as we felt that we just weren't getting the right support at our current bank that we needed, especially since we were renovating our house and needed more funds.
I met with Sasha and he gave me detailed advice on ways that we could improve our lending structure and they also managed to secure some fantastic rates with a new bank - pretty much meaning we are paying less money per fortnight, yet will pay off our mortgage faster.
Then a month later Sasha met with me again and spent time giving us a Mortgage Report and going over the details (no other mortgage adviser has ever done this with us), plus some other advice - the kind that is so helpful, but that you bank may not even realise to share it with you.
Then knowing that we will touch base again every year (or sooner if needs be) to go over our mortgages again, makes me feel that they are truly here to help us keep on top of things. Both Vicki and Sasha are kind and friendly and are happy to explain things in layman terms so that you truly understand your loan structure. Highly recommended!”
Melissa and Jeffrey Lowe

“Thank you for your amazing help Vicki and Sasha! You have been so incredibly helpful through this process. We love your professionalism and truly felt like we were at the top of your list every step of the way. We will gladly refer you to anyone and everyone who will listen.”
Vladimir and Marija Cetkovic

“We’ve had a few mortgages over our lifetime, and this time we seem to have it under control so much more, thanks to Sasha and Vicki. This includes taking control of our spending and our saving. It is great to see we are controlling our mortgage, and it’s not the other way around!
Our KiwiSaver has been neglected in the past, as we just went with the opt in provider. After Sasha explained how KiwiSaver works, we can now see what benefits there are making an active choice that matches our individual needs.
Great people with a genuine interest in seeing us reduce our mortgage and work towards our goals”
Kelda and Rob Cawood

“On behalf of our family, we would like to congratulate you both for all the hard work you have done to turn our dream into reality. We never thought this could ever happen, but with your knowledge and people skills, we now own a beautiful home. You have taught us so much, including handling our money and sticking to a budget. At first it was a struggle, but now its automatic.
Also, the other professional support team of people you connected us with, Pav, Lizzette and Jeff, were such easy people to deal with and what they did for us in such short notice, was nothing short of amazing.
The build up to us getting a loan was very testing at times, and sometimes put a strain on our relationship, but with the way everything was explained by you, it calmed the waters pretty quickly.
We are super happy with everything and we will continue to keep in touch. The one thing that really impressed us was that once the loan was approved, your work didn’t stop there, you made sure our bank accounts were set up to suit our budget and explained how the bank fee’s etc work. We are forever in your debt Sasha and Vicki.”
Danny Halley and Naomi Taare

“Trying to give a testimonial for Sasha and Vicki would not be possible without having to tell our short story.
We had absolutely no clue where to start, or what we needed to do in order to secure a loan for our first home. We didn’t even know if we would qualify. Through word of mouth we were recommended Sasha. After a quick call and first meeting, Sasha had set us a plan and gave us hope that our dreams would come true.
We are currently in the middle of our first home being built and from the beginning to now, we have felt so supported and secure with both Sasha and Vicki. Nothing is ever too much for them to handle and we feel we really have the right people working for us and getting us the best deals.
Sasha and Vicki make themselves available to our every question and provide explanations with the answer, no matter what time of the day or night; often repeating themselves or conference calling so we can fully understand what the process is and why. From helping us save to reach our financial goal, then securing the best deals with the bank and now guiding us through each process involved in building a house, we cannot say thank you enough nor convey our gratitude more.
Sasha and Vicki, you truly are an amazing team. You have provided the best service and security to our little family and for that we are so grateful and thankful! We look forward to many more years of friendship.”
Sarah and Warren Jacobs

“Friends told us about Sasha and Vicki, and we are so thankful that they did! Sasha and Vicki are creative with solutions, knowledgeable, hardworking (we were getting detailed e-mails late in to the evenings and over weekends!) and very skilled at what they do. Not only that, but they were extremely approachable, honest, and very easy to work with. Thank you so very much Vicki and Sasha! We are infinitely grateful!! Without you both we would not be able to be living where we are. We are very happy to recommend your services to anyone.”
Tim and Grace Shallard

"My wife and myself were very fortunate to be introduced to Sasha through a good friend and financial advisor, Valentina Pereira. We were on the lookout for an investment property and thought we would take the opportunity to restructure our loan at the same time. After meeting with Sasha, we felt very confident that he would structure our new loan and previous existing loans in such a way to ensure we were getting the best deal from the bank. This was indeed just the way it turned out to be.
Our only regret is not having met Sasha 10 years earlier as it would have helped us save a lot of money over these years. The plan that he put together for us now ensures we have structured spending to help us achieve our financial goals. It is also great that he follows up with annual visits to see how things are going and suggest changes when needed.
We were so happy with the service provided that we recommended Sasha to two other friends who have also used his services and have mentioned how happy they are. Thank you, Sasha!"
And then in December 2019...“You are so thorough with your work that it makes things so much easier for us to make a decision. Marina and myself really appreciate all the work you and Vicki have done for us over the years we have known you. We are very glad we got introduced to you.”
Ryan and Marina D’Gama

“Tino and I just want to personally thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you and Vicki did to get us into our first home!!! As first time buyers, we were totally excited, daunted and stressed out with the whole process, because this was our last crack at trying to buy a home. We knew if it didn't happen this time, we would give up. Sasha, you and Vicki seemed to make things so easy for us, with your can do positive attitudes. Thinking back, you two always seemed to calm us down and keep us in a positive mood, while we waited for the bank to reply. We know for a fact, that we couldn't have gotten into our first home without your help!!! We really appreciate all that you've done for us.
We have recommended you to all our friends and family who are interested in buying property, and we highly recommend your services to anyone.
Once again, Thank YOU!”
Tino and Pauline Haunga

“We met Sasha a few years ago, back in 2016 when we had been in a bad situation with our finances, paying high interest on credit cards. He helped us to re-finance our home loan, pay all the other debts and start saving for an investment property. We found his advice very useful, and Sasha and Vicki have helped us ever since, to restructure and re-fix our loans at the best available rate discounts.
We highly recommend them!!!”
Dan and Cherry Iuoras

“Thank you so much for always being there for us, much appreciated.”
Sonny and Darleen Iuliano

“Thank you so very much to you Sasha and Vicki for all your knowledge and guidance. Your ‘always willing to help’ attitude, along with a smile and making things happen for us, plus making sure everything is operating properly for us is so very appreciated. Many, many thanks!”
Donna Enoka and Family

““Sasha and Vicki are both exceptional when it comes to providing hassle free service. They have helped us enormously on our arduous and at times almost impossible journey of becoming home buyers for the first time.
We are very impressed with the knowledge and service that both Sasha and Vicki have of the industry. They were very helpful and caring in helping us realise our dream of owning home.”
Kris Milicevic and Luana Paixao

“I can’t speak highly enough of Masters Home Loans. Sasha and Vicki make the whole process of arranging a mortgage understandable and straightforward. The combination of their years of experience and up to the minute knowledge of the mortgage market, allow them to present all the options and to make wise recommendations. But of more value to me, is the genuine care they take to understand and serve me. They have a real love for helping people reduce their mortgage. I recommend them unreservedly.”
Pastor Paul Cornish

“Sasha and Vicki are both amazing. Before meeting them Travis and I never could have imagined owning our own home, let alone being on top of our finances. Now we have both! They are honest, committed and will always be there to make sure they have your best interest at heart. They continue to work and support us on our journey through our mortgage and future ambitions. We are right behind “TEAM SASHA AND VICKI!”
Christina Black and Travis Nock

“I met Sasha at two different business groups I attend. At one of these I listened to him speak about his vision and values. I respect his views on life, and stored his contact away for possible business. A few months later, I realized that there may be an opportunity to work with him. The project was to consolidate our extensive accounts and to save on fees and bank interest. It wasn’t the easiest of times as we were also selling a number of businesses and wishing to change banks. The ‘relationship manager’ had recently left along with the relationship from the bank we were with.Sasha focused on this project and put in some obvious and serious effort for a very positive outcome. All this time Sasha was patient with the logistics.
We got through it and now enjoy a good relationship with two new bankers. Sasha also pre-negotiated a great head start when we are ready to grow into the next business.
Personally, I prefer to build relationships with those I can trust and who become friends and also business colleagues. Therefore, I highly recommend Sasha.”
Paul Richards, CEO – Club Physical

“Thank you for your help with our mortgage. Sasha and Vicki have always been positive and professional, and have provided a hassle-free experience in helping us to restructure our mortgage since 2016. Their proposals have been easy to understand, and they have always been approachable, flexible and willing to work on solutions that worked for us. I would not hesitate to recommend their services and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”
Leandro Piantelli and Araceli Rocco-Cuzzi

“During 2017, we decided to proceed with the funding of a new house build in Auckland. The arrangement was complex for various reasons because four parties were involved in the contract. We spoke to a number of brokers and decided to choose Sasha as he was well recommended by others, understood the complexities of the arrangement and was confident of finding a suitable lender. Other brokers lacked the commitment to understand the complexities and the need to work out a solution collaboratively. Once the bank was identified, Sasha managed the regular drawdown of funds from the bank to pay the build contractor and other third-party invoices in a very professional manner. The system worked very well with Sasha providing each party involved with regular reconciliations of funds and also information about what was required to be contributed from other sources. Sasha developed a good working relationship with the bank and so the transactions worked seamlessly. I fully recommended Sasha as a very professional broker who goes the extra mile to make sure all parties are confident in the process.”
Bob Shaw, Shipmaster Trustee

“Before getting help through Masters Home Loans, my wife and I were going backwards financially and were heading towards serious financial trouble in the future. Through the help of the team at Master's we were able to assess our situation and identify the areas in our spending that were causing the trouble. Sasha then gave us some sobering financial wisdom and helped us to put together a budget. At first, we thought that we were going to be very limited in our spending from then on, but instead we found the opposite. We ended up saving more and have more spending money than before, as well as paying for all our expenses.
We also changed banks and restructured our home loan which has freed us up a lot more and given us independence in our new home. We now have a goal to pay off our mortgage 10 years sooner if we stick to the plan that Sasha has set out for us.
In summary, it has truly been a life changing experience for us and we are moving ahead now towards a much brighter future. I would highly recommend Masters Home Loans to anyone wanting to take control of their spending and move forward financially, rather than backwards.”
John and Rowie Wilson

“Thanks Sasha for all the expertise and advice you have given us over many, many phone calls. You have been absolutely amazing through this process, and have gone above and beyond to make it easy for us. We don’t know any mortgage broker who would have done the same. It is much appreciated.”
“And again, at this 2nd annual review all we can say is that you both are truly the best, I am so grateful to have you as our broker. You are both invested in your clients and care. That means a lot:-)”
Gowri Asiriah and Thiagu Anandakrishna

“Sasha and Vicki were referred to us by a family friend. We carefully engaged in the process of reviewing our financial situation with them, with a view to purchase a home in 1-2 years. Vicki and Sasha worked very hard on walking us through the daunting process of the first home ownership. They delivered on all their promises and were very patient with us, which we are very grateful for. With their help, 9 months after our initial meeting with Masters Home Loans, we were able to move into our first home. We are very grateful and have implicit trust in both of these wonderful individuals. We will continue to work with them for many years to come. Thank you, Vicki, and Sasha!”
Ivan and Marija Jelesic

“Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for Ana & myself so far. Your enormous knowledge, your patience with us and your sincere advising, helped us to transform 2017 into our milestone year.”
Ana Ilic & Mark Blok

“Thank you, Sasha and Vicki. You have been so wonderful to work with and we really appreciate your great support in sorting out our mortgage. We would highly recommend your services. ”
Rambod Amigh & Beibei Chiou

“Sasha Grujic is an exceptional mortgage broker. He is our personal and professional trusted adviser when it comes to all things mortgage. Sasha did an excellent job when reviewing our mortgages and numerous financial structures, which were beginning to overwhelm us in their complexity. However, Sasha was able to achieve what few others in financial services can; reduce complexity to simplicity… and save us around $600,000 in mortgage repayments – without paying more! We highly recommend Sasha’s amazing services to anyone with a mortgage. It certainly paid for us to get a review and understand our options.”
Lindsay Armishaw, Principal, Futureproof Life

“Sasha and Vicki are the epitome of professionalism and a pleasure to work with.
Not being a numbers person, sometimes the ‘Mortgage speak’ from my bank was hard to decipher. Sasha made it all make sense in layman’s terms and presented me with the best options for my financial future. Always happy to accommodate my schedule for meetings, Sasha communicated well and managed to make sense of the nonsensical for me.
I greatly appreciate the friendly, personal and professional manner that Masters Home Loans conduct their business with and I will continue to confidently put my mortgage future in their hands.
I have done, and will continue to recommend Sasha and team to friends and family.”
Raychel Pierson

“We met Sasha for the first time in 2016, when we were looking to purchase our first home. Being our first property and attempting to crack the Auckland market, we knew it would be a challenge, but Sasha and Vicki made the whole process so simple. Everything was explained clearly and from day one we found Sasha to be extremely trustworthy, which is the foundation to any successful relationship. Even after the loan structure is in place, Sasha has kept in contact and since given us a report and recommendations on how to pay off the loan quicker.
We've recommended Sasha and the team to friends and colleagues knowing full well they would receive an excellent service. Don't hesitate if you're considering a mortgage.”
Shane and Amanda Smith

“Thank you for making the whole process so easy and not stressful at all.
This is the first time we have been really looking forward to the future regarding our financial situation.”
Terry & Carly Wood

“We found Sasha Grujic of Masters Home Loans extremely good, professional, knowledgeable and always ready to help. He made the whole process of refinancing our home loan as simple as possible and is always just a phone call away whenever needed. He is prompt in communication and can source the best loan deal. We are very happy with his services and would recommend the team of Sasha and Vicki to all home buyers.”
Darayus and Ashish Mehta

“We really appreciate your help taking us through the whole mortgage process initially and making it simple to make clear and concise decisions, every year since 2016. Thank you for keeping us informed in the process and giving us options. This sets you apart and the ease that you put us in we are really grateful for.”
Matthew and Vanessa Lawrence

“Go Masters Home Loans! Having the "Sasha and Vicki team" in control of your mortgage is the best thing you can do. We've trusted Sasha with our mortgage and the benefit is a life changer. Professional, personal and friendly. Feel free to refer friends and family, you will not be sorry.”
Tania and William Nel

“If you are looking for loan broker that you can trust, I can recommend Sasha from Masters Home Loans. He has a sound knowledge of the loan industry. He explained it very well in the restructuring of our home loan, got us the best deal and interest rate. We have total confidence in using his service. The most important thing, is that he keeps in touch with us and we know that someone is looking after us. I have recommended his service to my friends and they are happy with his service as well. I can strongly suggest that you do contact Sasha and listen to his professional advice, you will not be disappointed. Thanks!”
Lydia and James Jiang

“Thank you very much for your excellent service Sasha and Vicki. You were always upfront, knowledgeable, efficient and responded promptly to any issue. You kept us up to date beautifully. And against the odds, you made the loan happen! We have only praise and gratitude for your work. Thank you.”
Pastor Mark Pierson and Robyn Pierson

“I’ve been employed in banking for 37 years and for the past 16, as an experienced lender. I believed I knew all the facets of lending and tailoring a loan so the client could save interest and lessen the term to suit. I was wrong!! One session with Sasha opened my eyes to a whole new dynamic approach. Invaluable!”
Eddie O'Neill, Financial Adviser

“I'm very impressed with Sasha's service. He took care to understand our financial situation and explain his recommendations. The rates he negotiated with the bank were excellent.
Thanks for making the process so easy.”
Nathan Smith

Damn – you’re AMAZING!  My Financial Adviser said you were good, but he didn’t say you were awesome! I’m so happy you’re helping me – thank you!
I honestly do not feel like I will be crippled by my mortgage – instead I feel like a winner! And in 2019 here's an update - I've just transferred my Generate KiwiSaver to be with them too.”
Ina Samuel

“Inevitably my clients are keen to become debt free as soon as possible and I refer them on to the capable hands of Sasha. He doesn't just secure a mortgage, but a tailored financial solution for their circumstances. I cannot endorse him any more, than to say that my husband and I have ourselves placed our trust in Sasha as our mortgage broker for our new home that we are building.”
Valentina Pereira, Financial Adviser

“Thanks Sasha. Its great having your help”
Emily Ku

“Thanks for looking after us so well. Everything has gone so smoothly and quickly and we look forward to being debt free much sooner.”
Caroline and Brett Butland

“Masters Home Loans are my personal and family’s mortgage broker and I refer as many clients to them as possible, without hesitation. I will continue to use Sasha for all future home loan requirements and with the consistent positive feedback I receive from clients, I will continue to refer him. I highly recommend his services.”
David Armishaw, Financial Adviser

"We would like to thank Vicki and Sasha for their help with our recent Mortgage changes. We found them to be very professional and made the whole process so simple. We were also very impressed with the mortgage rates that they were able to negotiate for us with our bank which were well below the banks advertised rates and even better than the special rates offered to us through a professional association which we belong to. We look forward to using their services in the future."
Victor Storey

“I love receiving your deals, they are very thorough and clear, so thank you for making my job easy”
Lending Specialist, Leading Bank

“I really admire your persistent inquiries regarding the best available rates for the customers.”
Personal Banking Specialist, Leading Bank